Wednesday, February 23, 2011


If I were a princess...I would be Aurora from Sleeping Beauty...
Long golden hair, a love for singing and animals, and the color blue and pink...

If I came from a fairy tale where I was not a princess... I would be Goldilocks from Goldilocks and The Three Bears...
Sleep and food are very important you know :)

If I was a cat...I would be Toulouse from Aristocats..
What can I say? Be loyal, be true, follow your gut, and always wear blue.

If I were a character from Winnie the Pooh...I would be Piglet.
A love for friends and baking, with a a tendency to find all my problems appear bigger than they really are. Oh d-d-d-dear...

 If I was one of Bambi's friends... I would be Flower.
I wouldn't have chosen Flower by myself but my little sister "Bambi" told me that I am very much like him and I must admit she is right. I love black and white (animals, photographs, BOOK PAGES, stories on my computer screen, emails to friends...yeah I like black and white). I have a tendency to by shy. (if I were one of the 7 dwarfs I would be bashful...) and I completely agree with Flower as he said in Bambi II "Turtles are scary"...I would know.

If I had a super power....I would be invisible

 See anything? Exactly!... That or I would have a force field so I could protect things.

If I were a flower....I would be rose
Because roses always make me feel special and beautiful...

If I could travel into outer space... I would want to visit all the stars, nebula's etc. in the Orion constellation.
I love stars! Orion is my favorite is also the second one I learned to identify in the heavens. The little dipper is so elusive!

If I could do anything just for the fun of it...I would want to experience zero gravity.

Just because I have always wanted to feel what it was like and I think it would be really awesome.

If I was given the chance to travel back in time...I couldn't pick between!
Ancient Israel (who do I meet? Jesus, Ruth, Esther, David, Daniel, Jonathan, John, Adam and Eve before the fall? EEP!!!)

Ancient Rome...yes it has always fascinated me! If you love Roman History I highly suggest most of Rosemarry Sutcliff's works! AH!!!! They were awesome but particularly the series with the title Eagle of the Ninth. Oh oh oh!!! Or Patrica St. John's work Twice Freed!

The age of the Tudors uh but can I skip King Henry the VIII and Queen Mary please?

Oh but you can't catch me being unpatriotic... how about the Revolutionary war?

Or or...wait I should stop.

If I could meet one of my living testimony but "dead" hero's...I would pick Lady Jane Grey

She led an amazing life, and died for her faith.

P.S. (I live with my hero...her name is Mom)

If I were inanimate object...I would be ink and paper.
Really I couldn't live without out ink and paper whether is is already written by someone else or it is my own. I must have ink and paper of some kind.

If I were a color...I would be every shade of blue that has ever existed..
As said before I LOVE BLUE!!!

If I could live anywhere... It would be in my imagination because

It can lead to worlds that could go anywhere...

and I agree that

So if you are a follower and if  you have some if thoughts of your are tagged!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My clever dictionary friends...

Sorry this post is up latter than planned!
What is cachinnate?

  not my image...

Many of you have been intrigued by this curious word and I am about to give you several possible and one real...definition of the word cachinnate

Is it...
1. Something elegant to toss around one's neck.

2. To withdraw into seclusion or isolation.

3. Something that is being cached.

4. A kitchenette cupboard

5. A prison inmate with a very large chin.

6. A small bag used to carry small tool used for gathering and studying bug and out insects

7. To laugh loudly or too much

8. An Italian pastry

Please vote in the side bar and if you want to tell us about your deliberation please leave a comment we all want to hear about it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

You are loved!

   For God so loVed the world, 
  that he gAve his 
                                                   That whosoever believeth 
                                                In him should not perish, but have 
                        Everlasting life.
's Day!

Now abideth  faith, hope, and love these three; but the greatest of these is love.

His love is pure and lily white
He lifts me up with His strength and might
There is nothing His love can't do
He is my protector He will carry me through
His hope is my sheild
He is the conquer on all of life's battle field
His Love is my banner
For everything in my life He has been the planner
His love can never fail.
His love will always prevail.

He loves you with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness he is drawing you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things that make my day

It has been a while since I have done one of these.

Family, immediate, extended, adopted, or want to near far wherever they are.  It is what makes the world go round.

E-MAIL!!!!!! I love to send/receive email. What I would do without it I am not sure, probably spend a fortune on postage.
They do! Whether it is family as my best friends, (which means I get to be Flower the skunk...long story) or friends out side of my family the ones I email daily, talk to only a few times a year, or just getting to know you through blogging. Friends are great.
Music, I love to sing. Or listen to someone else sing or make music. When a good song comes on what could be better?

What things make your day beautiful?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YOUR definition.

Hello my dear friends,

Are you ready for a game?

Splendid, then lets begin!

First what are we playing?

This is one of my favorite games. I will post a word on here and give you all 2 weeks to submit your definition of that word to me. On the third week I will post the definitions and a voting poll on the sidebar and at the end of the fourth week the winner will be announced.

1. Be creative
2. Be original

Please don't
Look up the definition that would be unfair to the rest of your friends and that just spoils the fun.

Naturally use clean language, these will be read by a lady and foul language will be frowned upon with great displeasure.

Still trying to figure out how this all works?
For pretend sake I will pick the word Aglet 

Definition 1. French word for the semi precious stone known as an Agate which is a native stone in extensive regions of the world in various forms.

Definition 2. Roman's wore aglets around the neck to keep away evil spirits.

Definition 3. A small omelet made with only the whites of the eggs.

Definition 4. Small plastic or metal sheath found at the end of a shoelace.

Definition 5. Aglet, to let one aggravate you.

And the answer is.....

No peeking.... :D

*trumpet announcement!*

Definition 4. Aglet is a small plastic or metal sheath found at the end of a shoelace.

Now we are all one word the wiser!

So what is your word for this month?


Will you earn the title...

I will not be publishing your definitions until the voting is closed, so if you would like me to let you know that I have received your clever definition please leave me a way to contact you on your blog or otherwise. :D Thank you!

Let the games begin!