Thursday, August 15, 2013

My name is Ransom and I approve this book. A Book Review of Ransomed.

Hello Ladies and least I hope there are gentlemen out there.

My name is Ransom, you might remember me from Annabeth's War? Jessica, my author has been wanting to write a proper review of Elizabeth Ender's book Ransomed, but has yet to do so. Trying to figure out the best words to describe this book, and has found herself at an utter loss. So I decided to review the book for her, after all it is named after me.

Author: RANSOM IT IS NOT!!!!!!
Well, it was published after me....
Author: It was written long long long before you were ever thought of! Some of your ideas, seriously...
They did save Annabeth didn't they?
Author: ............

Back to what I was saying. Several days ago I had the delightful privilege of picking this delicate book up for the first time. It's a very small book, but don't let it's slenderness deceive you. There is power in that little book, it is full of words that touch the soul and speak the truth. Elizabeth certainly knows how to write a good story, but more than that, it is inspiring, and I might have a thing for damsels in distress. This true story set in own times (medieval) brought tears to my eyes. I plan on reading it over with Annabeth soon, and I did manage to get Eliot to read it. See? He even smiled, (a little).

But this book is really perfect for anyone anywhere for it speaks to the heart and soul deeply.

Me carrying Ransomed into battle.
 The perfect place for it
I encourage you to pick up a few copies of Ransomed, for you and your friends. I know when Jessica read it to her girls group last winter, they all fell in love with it, and she can't wait to give them copies when they meet again this fall, they've been begging her for the book. It's a beautiful story and one that should be read over and over again.

You can find out more about Elizabeth and Ransomed here
There are some brilliant interviews with the authoress with Mirriam Neal and Rachel Rassano
And don't forget to pick up a few copies here
If you do pick up copies, don't forget to review it as soon as possible and enter this giveaway.

With a Flash of Sword,


Jack said...

RANSOM!!!! *Tackles.* *Stands up, straightens skirt, tries to look dignified. Fails and waves while grinning loonishly.*

I am planning on buying this book very soon, but knowing you like it makes me want it even more. I love allegory stories, and this one I know I will like.

Anne-girl said...

*cries because Sherlock beat me to hugging him first*

This was a clever idea having a character revue a book. I like it a lot. Ransom darling how I've missed you .I need to read Annabeth again.

And Roddy's been complaining that you never interrupt Jessica's emails to talk to him anymore. I told him he could start the conversation but he claims I'm to good at hogging the keyboard.


I'm hoping to read this book soon!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Ransom, this is a FANTASTIC review!!! Aw, Eliot liked it, too?

I'm very eager to read this book. Even more so after your review. :D

Kendra E. Ardnek said...

Ransomed sounds like a wonderful book, and the more I hear of it, the more I want to read it. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow for the buying of physical books :/ Just kindle editions.

And Ransom is such a wonderful character! I've liked the name ever since reading C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy, but have never had the courage to use it on one of my own characters. So Ransom is possibly my favorite character in the book, though Annabeth (also a favored name of mine that I've not had a character to use it on) would be a close second. They're so wonderful together!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you so much, Ransomed! :D Will said if he ever read a book he might pick it up, based on your recommendation...I keep asking him how he can possibly know so much if he never reads, but he keeps on showing extreme distaste for reading...I insist he reads on the sly...

Anyway, this totally made my day. XD

Elizabeth Lindsay said...

Thanks Ransom! I am looking forward to reading it! :-)